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No Major Decisions in March?

A veteran teacher told a few stories recently about colleagues over the years and how March was a very stressful month for teachers. Some even mentioned frustration to the point of resignation and reconsidering the decision after the paperwork was submitted! Wow!

So with that in mind, I began to reflect and can remember some difficult times in the month of March. Then I began to question why this March has been so good? It all boils down to a decision! Every morning, we all wake up and are surrounded by good and bad, positive and negitive. Durning some of my most challenging years, the negative elements in my little world pulled me into its grips and brought me down. However, I have learned that with so much out of my control, there is one thing I always control. I can choose to dwell on the positive or the negitive. Let me tell you, life is so much more rewarding when you can train yourself to focus on the positive aspects that surround you rather than the negative. When your choice is positive, you attract positive! The opposite also applies!

March is stressful, but you are only one simple decision away from enjoying more days! So make a good decision, recognize the positive, and have a great March!

Do you have any wisdom to share on this topic? Would love to hear your insight!

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