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The phenomenon known as the snow day!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Well, for most of us on a traditional calendar, we are at the half way point of the school year.

As the new semester begins, we were treated to a host of some of the best luck a teacher/student could have.....snow days:-). Sorry to all those in warmer states.  You might not be able to connect to the situation described below.  

There is something that is noticeably and behaviorally unique about a snow day. The anticipation leading up to the name of your district being seen or heard on the school closing list leads to rituals like flushing ice down the toilet, putting your jammies on backwards, or not discussing the situation fearing it will jinx or alter an incoming weather front. Then the euphoric call or text is delivered and a special feeling sets in, calmness returns as one realizes they now have eight hours of unaccounted time on their hands.

As the clock ticks away the minutes of the day, I feel great and energized to start the new semester.

P.S.  Unusually cold temps following the snow could cause several more cancellations this week!  Multiple days in the same week only amplifies to phenomenon:-)

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