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Point of Pride - Educator Style

So I find myself teaching a coding class this year...... You know how that goes. You use technology in the classroom, teach coding.

However, years ago, when it was "cutting edge" for students to build a website, mine were. They were documenting their learning in a creative, project-based, authentic way. So much more telling than bubbling in bubbles on test day. I was documenting my teaching in much the same way too!

Now back to coding.....So we are building websites again and I dusted off a digital portfolio from 2014 and it sure made me remember the wonderful things my students have created over the years. The wonderful things that I have inspired them to do. Please check it out! You are doing the same wonderful work. Enjoy the weekend and know that when next week starts, you are going to inspire wonderful things! Those things will have a ripple effect that can change the world!

Thanks for all that you do.


P.S. If you’re looking for creative lessons to do with your class this month, please check this out. You can save up to 25%.

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