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A Unique Benefit!

Hello and happy last week to most!  The end of the school year is a hectic and emotional time.  Relationships built throughout the year come to an abrupt end as we transition to a different routine.  Recently, I struck up a conversation with a teacher while waiting for an appointment.  She taught science in a neighboring district and was an engineer prior to becoming a teacher.  She shared with me a unique benefit that I had never thought about but now share often.  When she was an engineer, she explained the projects never ended.  As a teacher, there is always a natural end and after some time away a new beginning!  According to her, that was a unique benefit that is special to our occupation.  I tend to agree with her upon reflection.  We leave in June a little tired and beat up, but come back in the Fall ready to change the world again.  It is truly a special cycle!  So enjoy:-)

What is your end of the year routine?  Do you have anything special that you plan?  Would love to hear some creative ideas. 

I like to  send my crew a message and wish them a great summer!   Adding a hope to see them back in the Fall (recruiting:-)  When you are project-based, it is easy to send them the year’s collection with a meaningful message.  This is a site I use to support the message:

Although it does not generate an immediate response, it does generate some conversation and thanks when returning.   The act of giving is a special action.  This will not cost you more than a few minutes and is a great way to end the year with a special touch.  You just never know what direction this act could ripple in or how it may impact a student. Give it try! It might become part our your end of the year routine too.

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Have a great week,


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