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Are you an anchor or a sail?

Updated: May 15, 2019

We all have to face the question of why? Why do we have to do this? Why do we have to that? Why is it important? Why, why, why, why? It is always on the teacher's mind. Students are curious. Colleagues too! However, why does my response always fall short for some. What blinds some from seeing the light? Is it brain development? Are humans more conditioned these days to ask enough people until the desired outcome it found and a position is supported?

I have been developing a response for these questions during my entire career. So this week I would like to share a graphic with you that simply explains this common predicament:

The cause of such behavior is simple! Some BELIEVE, some do not, some will change, and some will never adjust. It boils down to BELIEF. When an individual makes the choice to BELIEVE, this is symbolic of an open mind, one that embraces knowledge, and is comfortable or capable to trust. These personal decisions allow people to “sail” through life. When a group, or team, or class make the same group decision to BELIEVE, special things tend to happen. The opposite also applies and those decisions form "anchors". This behavior prevents progress, in life and in the classroom.

Those that I see, those who are most successful in the classroom and in life, are genuine and BELIEVE. They seem to effortlessly “sail” through the best of times and the difficult times too. It starts with BELIEF. Your BELIEF will help create the fact (William James).

Pull up the anchors and put up your SAIL. Have great week!

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