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I hosted a community training last weekend in our district library and it was facilitated by a former Dragon, Lorrie MacGlivery. Not only was the topic inspiring but the company was too. Two of the participants and the facilitator were graduates during the 1970s. Their families and several recollections even went back to when the school was just opening (1957). It was great to hear about things that used to be or even about things that are surprisingly still the same. Maybe it is the history teacher in me that really found the stories interesting but there was more!

Each of the alumni had wonderful memories of Clintondale Community Schools. They mentioned many a teacher by name and explained how a characteristic was given to them that later was used for some future success. These stories made me feel great to share a connection to a place held in such high esteem. In reflection, I too am woven into the narrative as a teacher and coach at Clintondale for the past 20 years. There truly is something special about this place and the people who pass through, remain, or come back for a visit. Two are very passionate and excited to give back to their old school in some capacity. I lose site of that at times but am so happy and grateful to share a special connection with the people I have come to know as Clintondale.

Join the conversation! What is your connection like to your district? Simply join to leave a comment or two in the blog!

Thanks and have a wonderful week.


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