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Day Dreaming on the Way Home From School Today:-)

If we could only bill our time like an attorney. So interesting to overlay time on a teacher's world. Did you ever get unexpected time to work on your school stuff and think, wow....I can finally get caught up! You proceed to work, and work, and work some more. School ends and you make a call or two about work while driving home. When you get home, you spend a few hours doing and thinking about working stuff. A labor of love but just imagine if you could bill for the extra time. We would be set!

So that was my day today and I felt happy for the extra time but could find the need for infinite time to get everything done. In a teacher's world, we can always find something to tend to and that never ends. Do you find yourself in the same circumstance? I am curious. Please let me know. Have a great week:-)

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