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Do you possess this teacher superpower?

It just dawned on me moments ago!  I just thought of a unique teacher superpower that I never really thought much about.  How many people do you know could walk into any new environment, work with 100-150 new people, and within one week develop a decent relationship with nearly all?  Add to that, by week two and three some very powerful relationships are formed with many.   By the end of month one, lifelong influences have been made. Let's keep going with this to include establishing contact with parents of that same 100/150.  That accounts for 50 to 75 more people.  Don't forget your colleagues!  Oh, if you coach a sport, then the numbers get really crazy.  Safe to say you work magic on over 200 people every year!

This just naturally happens every school year.  Wow, over 25 years of teaching and my influence as an educator is really taking on some depth.  Yours will too!

Keep being amazing!  Have a great week:-)

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