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Ever get the urge to start a home improvement project after dinner on a Sunday night?

Teacher life:-)

So, it has been a while in the making but last Sunday I just started ripping into a bathroom after dinner! Hammer Time! While the dust was flying, I could not help but think how fun it was doing something with my hands rather than my head. As you might expect, the thought bubble grew bigger as the demo continued.

I have done some tile work in the past but stay away from plumbing. Never installed a bathtub or an exhaust fan. Planning some can lighting too and that will be new. All these new challenges could stop the job, but not for a teacher! They are opportunities in disguise. Think about it, what we do not know, we learn. We learn through research because we are lifelong learners and curiously cool in many respects as well. These are qualities our students see throughout the school year.

You might not see this in the picture, but there are some problems hiding in this undertaking. But we are also natural problem solvers and problems are great teachers too! Whether it is highlighted or modeled naturally, our students see this as we deliver content, motivate a difficult student, or do the many good deeds they see on a regular basis.

Be proud of your hidden teacher talents! Have a great week:-)


P.S. Not for hire, pretty sore today:-)

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