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First Post of 2019!

I hope you had some fun catching up with family and friends over the holidays.  To start the new year on the right note, let me share a quick story that I was told just prior the the holiday.  

I was dropping off the last holiday cards and ran into a secretary that I have known for years.  She mentioned that she was returning to her home town, Saginaw, to visit her daughters.  The conversation got deeper because my brother has worked in Saginaw for years and that led to her sharing her experience as a young mother with kids in school. 

As she recounted, all was fine heading into junior high.  When junior high started, one daughter just was having a tough time.  It got to the point were this mom did not know where to turn and was even so discouraged she stopped attending conferences.  Something was just not clicking.  Seemed everyone was doing what was necessary to help but nothing was working.


As junior high came to an end, high school was feared.  More of the same, perhaps?  Then conferences in 9th grade came around.  Teachers were very impressed regarding the academic and social skills of the daughter.  So I asked what changed?

She remembered vividly!  One of her teachers made the simple comment that this young lady was brilliant!  For what ever reason, that comment was given at just the right time and she ran with it.  Her daughter had a great academic and athletic career in high school.  This lady says she is forever grateful for that teacher and that simple compliment that turned her daughter around. 

That is the teacher I am and want to continue to be in the future!  That is the teacher you are too.  You just never know when the right time is or when someone is ready to accept and run with the encouragement you provide in the classroom.   We accept with blind faith that if you are genuine, true to the calling, and passionate about helping students; things like this happen more than you will ever know.  Keep that in mind next time you need some encouragement.  Teachers are a unique breed and collectively our actions do change the world.

Keep rocking in the new year.....because you rock!

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