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For the Sake of Progress!

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

If I could give you a great unit to use, would you use it? The class, grade, or content does not matter. It is magic!  Or, might you toss it in the resource stack? Never enough time, right?

After years of mentoring student teachers and reflecting upon all the unique lessons that I have dreamed up, I ask the question, why?  Why didn’t I just use what was already created?  What kept me up at night thinking how to delivery it better and more successfully than ever before? 

I see that same stubbornness in other teachers (the really, really, good ones).  It is good and bad.  Interestingly, it is good because that swagger is the soul of a teacher showing they believe their actions are going to change the world.  Bad, however, because once thier run is done, the torch is not passed and the progress ends. 

A new teacher starts and the cycle begins anew.  Just imagine if we could find a way to continue the trajectory.  If the torch was passed and the progress continued......Wow!

Thanks and have a great week!


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