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Good Vibrations! Helping a Colleague!

When you are giving, you are living!

While coaching a colleague through a second project today, I could not help but reflect back to the students’ first run with a program called Canva.  During the first run, students consumed maybe more than half the hour fumbling with the rubric, getting a Chromebook, getting logged in and starting to gathering content to begin the creative process.  Today, students got their Chromebook, logged in and got right after it.  These 7th graders really did a fine job and it was fun to watch their teacher facilitate the experience without the initial frustrations.  I know you had your doubts after the first round JS. Thanks for trusting me!

Can’t wait to see what this round of projects look like!  I always like embedding the creative process in content.  This gives students a great opportunity to own the learning.  It also makes some great advocacy items for your room and your program!

Has anyone used Canva before?  How are you using it in your classroom?  Let’s start the discussion.

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