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Since my last correspondence, I had the opportunity to teach a class of teachers at the Macomb Intermediate School District.  The topic was fun, Making Movies Meaningful, and the audience was great.  The experience got me to thinking...... 

Most people I engage with love stories.  In the classroom, my students are drawn in with a crazy tale of a weekend adventure that mysteriously coverts into a learning opportunity.  Same is true when gathering with friends that re-tell the stories of past accomplishments or setbacks.  Even find it holds true for meeting strangers and finding a common connection or person based on a story!  Stories are powerful and you know who tells a memorable story, Hollywood.  That is why I designed the class, Making Movies Meaningful and the book The Handy-Dandy Handbook for Movies.  People are drawn to stories and these resources will share some great material to encourage interest through stories. 

Teachers have a great story!  So here is one for you that was shared with my class last week:

Years ago, I came into a graduate class in the evening and had to make a presentation for a big project.  It had kept me up late for most nights and I was just really tired.  Sound familiar? It had been an extremely tough day.  Just hours earlier, I had passed by a room and smelled smoke and heard the crackling of fire.  I peeked in to find that a wall of wooden (old school) bookcases were going up in flame.  With the assistance of another young teacher, we grabbed an extinguisher and went in!  The flames had grown and the heat was too hot to remain.  We retreated to safety as the fire department took over.  Flash forward and I am making the presentation.  Things are going good and at the end a teacher in the font row asks?  Where

were you before class? a bonfire?  Of course, that started a conversation that my classmates and professor found even more interesting than the project topic.  And here is the kicker, the young teacher who asked the question would later become my wife.  Wow!

What is your story?  I am sure it is interesting and I would like to know.  

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Have a great week!

Mike Ward!

P.S. Here is another opportunity to share some great resources and say thanks for all that you do.  Check out my TpT Store for a Teacher Appreciation Week sale!

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