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Highest form of service is.....

It was great to participate at the Michigan Council for Social Studies annual conference last weekend.  Holland, Michigan was a beautiful destination. Thanks to all MCSS Conference planners!

Really enjoyed sharing ideas, lessons, activities, and projects with other like minded professionals.  The greatest professional compliment occurs when a connection is made with a complete stranger who trusts you enough to buy a resource that was developed to help teacher save time and benefit students!  Kelly, from River Rouge, bought the Handy-Dandy Handbook two years ago and stops by with a hug and thanks every year at this conference. Thank just makes my day!

You know, for lots of educators, “sales” is like a dirty word.  Stepping into the world of sales was a big step for me.  It has taken some time to become comfortable with selling my activities and ideas. It just was not comfortable and I thought I was terrible at it.

However, I am becoming more comfortable because I finally realized that selling the right product to the right person is one of the highest forms of service. That is what teachers do, we serve! Finally, all these years of classroom experience are helping me help the next generation of teachers. The entire process is allowing me to grow, it is giving me an opportunity to influence other educators, and I am able to continue to give my students fresh material that makes learning fun.

Have a great week!


P.S. Almost forgot.....So I am excited to share that I putting the finishing touches on a great new activity to debut in May for Teacher Appreciation Week. Are you interested? Want a sneak peek?


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