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Updated: Sep 27, 2018

It is Homecoming time at Clintondale this week.  All part of the traditional high school experience that schools provide for a lot of students every year.  What a fun time to be part of the action, make new friends, and many new memories! 

In Michigan, we have some cool evening air blowing through and the Fall season is starting.  There is much planned to make this a memorable experience.  Students get to wear fun attire during school throughout the week, the powderpuff game starts the festivities, Homecoming court announcements, pep rallies, and a former coach returns to the big game on Friday to say hello to many alumni that have enjoyed his winning ways.  

Last week my daughter attended her first Homecoming football game and dance.  She and the group of friends couldn’t say enough good things about the experience.  I can see the same excitement on the faces of my students this week.

Have an exciting week too!


P.S. I will be changing hosts this week.  If you are attempting to go to the Template 4 Success website and find it is out of commission, no worries.  It will be up and running in no time!  

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