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How about a movie before Christmas? NOOOOOOO!

Twas the week before Christmas (vacation) and all through the school,

every student was stirring because it's a rule....

All the teachers were ready with cool activities printed in red....

but classes went rather nutty instead....

Oh my, oh my, what has gotten into this crew....

Another tough hour passes, when will the day be through?

Well, it is a crazy time of year for most everyone but I have learned some tricks over time to make it much smoother. Given the passage above, you could tell this was an issue early in my career. To think, I thought I was being slick and would really please students with a movie before heading into break. Maybe even a little candy too.

However, as the day passed, each class got less and less appreciative until things imploded late in the day. It was completely the opposite of the desired results. It did not take long to realize that there were many teachers with the same good intentions the day before the Christmas holiday. Any student would be squirrelly after sitting through several movies during the course of a day.

Take 2: Since then I have planned much better for this day. I have created several go to activities that engage students while delivering content and holiday fun. Check out this free lesson that debuts this year in a coding class. With a few tweaks, it could be used for other classes too. It's my holiday gift to you. I also have a three day experiment activity for psychology classes. It has been a class favorite as students conduct seven experiments and gather data about senses. Contact me if you are interested.

This approach has been a game changer! Now, the day flies by and classes leave with big smiles. They are happy and thus I am happy:-)

Have a great week!


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