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If you are giving, you are living....

if you are always on the take, one day you will find that you have made a big mistake!

Albert Einstein said, "A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness."

I have been thinking a lot about Einstein's quote, happiness, and how it connects to teachers. It was shared by one of the presenters I listened to last week. By the way, thanks to all those who have joined at the conference! As I continue to reflect these things keep resurfacing:

1. giving

2. happiness

3. a quote I often share with students and friends: "when you are giving you are living, if you are always on the take, one day you will find that you have made a big mistake"

4. calm and modest life

and I continue to ask why? Sensing something very powerful at play here, let me try to explain further.

It felt great to be a presenter for two sessions at the MEA Winter Conference. Sharing something that might help a colleague or inspire someone to take off in a totally different direction is rewarding. That brought happiness because it is a form of giving. We as educators do that every day with our students. Over the years, it becomes a career devoted to giving.

Educators lack celebrity status. Might that be a blessing? Just think what the profession does lend. It provides the calm, modest life that Albert references in regards to finding happiness.

There have been years where I was wrapped up in the "take", concerned with getting more so than giving. Over the past decade, teachers have really been beaten up. So much so, that we all have second thoughts and covet other professions at one time or another. These were not the best years in comparison to how I view things today.

So that's where I am at: giving, calm, modest, and happy. That is a place I hope we share or a place you will soon find.

Have a great week!

Mike Ward

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