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Innovative Design

Question? Do you pride yourself in creating the activities that define your curriculum or do you use pre-made resources that have been designed for you?

For some reason, since leaving Wayne State University in 1993, I have held the belief that my skills as a creative teacher and content designer could alway beat what was designed by a remote textbook publisher. Ever since, I have made a great investment in time, customizing how content is delivered to my students. The creative process is one of my favorite parts of teaching. Designing a memorable experience for my students is a labor of love. Since I know them best, since I assess their needs every day, that puts me in a position to accommodate their unique needs. All content cannot be addressed by distant creators but to the credit of educators, only they have the specific training and expertise to tailor their delivery specifically to their unique students. This approach has become my mantra and my part of my philosophy, it is called a Template 4 Success. Please feel free to take a peek at a free downloadable sample:

As a design philosophy, A Template 4 Success can be used in any content area. It is a starting point that allows teachers to document creative, aligned content and strategies but is flexible enough to efficiently adjust instruction to address student needs. In addition, A Template 4 Success is a living document that allows for reflection, the ability to effortless pinpoint areas of concern, and easily make revision to accommodate students.

So what do you think? Do you pride yourself in creating material, are you using a curriculum that has been completely designed for you, or do you prefer a little of each? Please feel free to join the blog/conversation using the signup feature and post your thoughts.

Have a great week!

Mike Ward

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