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My Last Bag?

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Well I hope the school year is starting out on a wonderful note for you and you enjoyed the Labor Day weekend!

A surprise came my way over the holiday weekend. It got me to thinking about how fast time flies. You see, back in 1993, my Mom bought me a brief case to start my first teaching job. She insisted it would look professional, as I joined the ranks. It was beige and from Lands End with my name embroidered on it. That brief case lasted over 10 years and when Mom noticed it was wearing out, the same style replaced it.

Now, however, I am on my third bag! Thankfully, my passion for teaching has outlasted the bags. This bag will most likely see me 30th year. It might even be the last before the end of a career. It will live through routine days, tragedy, happiness, breakthroughs and setbacks. But I am ready and excited face the future with a brave face and a big smile.

Until next week:-)


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