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My Secret Safe Place! My Classroom:-)

Seems to be a common pattern recognized in my experience and by my peers, the further one gets from their classroom the more one strays from the purest part of teaching.  Time and again, some of the biggest obstacles lurk beyond the walls of the classroom.  However, they lure us in with the sincerest intentions of solving the bigger problem and progress to a better product.  Many times this quest leads to frustration, complexities, and being consumed beyond the point that makes the reform meaningful.  Possibly offending an administrator who is empowered with the task of your evaluation.  

Teachers then retreat to their classroom.  A place where one feels completely empowered to address problems, try solutions, and re-work until it is solved.  It’s a fast track that is effective but in most cases only temporary.  In many cases, the same behavior finds a way to manifest itself with another teacher during another hour. Students are persistent!  The solution in the classroom lacks the authority to impact the larger environment.  Teachers do not have the time to follow problems and connect the dots.  This plays out, year after year until you notice less eagerness to engage as newbies wonder why?  You can imagine where this leads.  Retreat to the secret safe place.   Do you recognize the same patterns where you teach?  Can you offer some advice on this topic if it is not an issue?  Join the conversation by signing up on the blog page (see upper right corner) or add your comments on FB or Twitter.

Thanks and have a great week!

Mike Ward

P.S.  I am looking for three teachers to take my Making Movies Meaningful class for FREE this summer.  I will only ask for some feedback as you progress.  Please message me if you are interested:

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