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Simple, but not easy!

I was lucky to be part of a group of educators/leaders that heard a debut training by Paul Corona. Paul is currently a professor at Northwestern University and has studied leadership for years. In this training, he emphasized that one of the strongest indicators for personal happiness lies within the relationships we build.

Better relationships = more happiness!

Now the bigger question, how do you build better relationships?  Teachers do a great job building relationships every year; however, most of us are never asked to quantify how this is done.  Also, Paul reminds us that this is an age old topic but today it has so much information that you could get lost in study.   So his latest training and book cut through centuries of study to give us a very simple/practical approach to help foster better relationships and a happier life:  ask, listen, and give.  Sound simple?  Yes, but not easy!

Take a peek at the micro-movie for a better explanation. It has helped me and my students also found it interesting. Win-Win!

Have a great week!


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