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Still Working?

How has the first week of summer been?  Let me tell you, I got my physical, teeth cleaned, skin checked, eyes examined and the car washed!  Feeling great!

However, my afternoon power nap has been giving me the energy in the evenings to add a new component to a psychology class I teach.  

Has anyone formally/systematically addressed self help or human potential in a class before?  I have been studying Thinking Into Results by Bob Proctor and think I have the new found ability to better articulate what my students need to hear! Thinking Into Results has helped me professionally and personally. So I am busy translating these messages into a teen friendly language and designing eye catching infographics to support the lessons. Wait, it's summer vacation? Just how we roll:-)

Working with a high percentage of at risks students presents many challenges. However, I think that many fail to engage because they have no hope that an education can help them get what they need. Not only will this new material offer inspiration and hope, but it will also teach them how to identify what they want and change the habits that are giving them what they don't want (the poor results they complain about often).

Hope your summer is starting out with as much excitement.

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