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Summer Fun!

Room is all closed up for the year, all necessary material turned in, and the summer begins.

As I drive away, thoughts, memories, and questions flood into my mind.  It was a good year!  I feel the changes made in classes last summer improved my delivery this year.  Already have targeted several new areas to revise again.  Progress continues and I am very proud when comparing it to where I started!  Crafting the curriculum, designing the experience, and the creative process really make me feel good.  These efforts are confirmed by the many well wishes and thanks from students.  Did I make a difference this year?  Yes...and that feels great.  I also ask myself, do I want to do this again next year?  For sure!

No formal job this summer!  It has been some time that I have not worked another job.  However, I am planning a complete bathroom renovation and finishing a room in the basement.  My labor will save us money and that justified not working this summer.  Really excited to build something and get away from all the screen time.  What are your plans this summer?

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