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The Million Dollar Question?

Me and my wife (4th grade teacher) were talking to a neighbor who mentioned a good resort that she believed we would like.  Interestingly, it was suggested that we don’t work in the summer.

I could see my wife cringe a little as she explained that we do work in the summer but it is just a lot more flexible.  So I started digging through my calendar and was surprised to see that nearly every week there were formal, work related events.  That does not include the reflection and revisions necessary to prepare the new units for the upcoming year (by the way, just sent in my first module in psychology to the print shop - ready to go).  A week long training is coming up and then room prep, community event, district orientation and movie night.  Not to mention the first football games of the year. 

You call that not working?  Well, it is enjoyable work and that is why we choose to do it.  However, here is the big question:  does one show the well intended neighbor the calendar?  What would you do?

Join the conversation by signing up on the blog page (see upper right corner) or add your comments on FB or Twitter. Would love to hear your thoughts about the million dollar question.

Thanks and have a great week! 

Mike Ward

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