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What is your plan for toxic people?

I was putting together my thoughts for a presentation I am giving this week.  It is about leadership and leading with a smile rather than a frown.  A decision that we have complete ownership over.  As I dug deeper, I designed an activity to defend a positive attitude against toxic people.

It is safe to say there are toxic people in every work environment. Probably safe to say I have been toxic at times too.  However, as I have matured in this profession, I have decided not to waste another minute being or associating with toxic people.  It’s an empowering decision and one that I wish I had come to grips with much earlier in my career.

At times we are tempted or get sucked into a toxic circumstance. You know how it happens! If you cannot slide out, try this:

1. take out a piece of scrap paper and write down five things that you are grateful for in life

2. start each statement in the present tense, I am so happy and grateful now that........

***EX. I can continue to watch my children grow into beautiful young women.

3. gratitude will change your disposition

Did you know that you cannot experience two emotions at the same time? So when you are leaving a toxic situation and full of anger, take five minutes to go through the exercise and change your disposition.

This exercise has worked so well, I start every morning with it. Smile or frown? Your choice:-)

Have a great week!


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1 Comment

Feb 05, 2019

It's so difficult to rise above the toxicity, but it is something that is entirely within our own circle of control. If we don't allow the toxic people or attitudes to affect us, they we take away their control. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds, but we can't give up trying.

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