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What’s the magic word?

Updated: May 8, 2019


Here is the situation:  

It is Friday!  Should I chaperon the prom?  It has been a long week.  I could really use the time at home.  There are a lot of projects to check.  I am really, really tired.  It is unpaid, does not count towards an evaluation, and I have only missed two in the past twenty-two years.

On the other hand:  

I know I will have fun once I get there.  It really is an opportunity to create meaningful relationships with some great colleagues.  It is only a few hours.  The students love to see their teachers.  It is not too far away.

There is good and bad in everything.

What do I do?  What do most teachers do?  We go, and we go, and we go.  That is just how we roll.  We roll that way because we have a good ATTITUDE.  Teachers, without thinking, naturally find the good/positive in most everything (although at times we are tempted to see the opposite).  

We are all truly free to decide, positive or negative, good or bad.  ATTITUDE is our compass!  A good attitude is the first step towards good results.  When you choose good, amazingly, you also attract good.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

P.S. Human beings can alter their lives by altering their habits of mind.

William James

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