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What you send out, always comes back!

I am becoming more and more convinced that our acts of giving (big or small) can make an incredible difference. Just read a little feedback from the session I presented on leadership last week:

"Going into Wednesday I was dreading being a union President and looking forward to hanging up the towel but the 2 day experience has charged my batteries.  I can't wait to initiate some of the things I have learned to help make my union a great team to be a member of."  

"Thanks for taking the time to present your story and philosophy to union members.  The three things I wrote down to appreciate with the sticky notes is reinforced in my mornings as my intentions with the yoga. This energizes me to help me reach my potential and is utterly amazing.  Thanks a ton!!!!!  I hope all is going well for you and keep on trucking!"

You see, what you send out does come back. I was controlling the energy I was putting out during this session. It is pure and positive. When recieved and embraced by the participant quoted above, that was all that was needed to make a paradigm shift. In a span of two days, something changed. Giving up was no longer an option as the fork in road towards meaningful change and happiness was taken.

This is happening often these days, with students and adults in my life. When I wonder why, it is attributed to a simple rule of human nature. What you send out always comes back. If you choose to be an optimistic, happy, positive person then you will bring the same into your circles. Caution, the opposite also applies.

Have a great week!

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