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Who is your toughest critic?

Evaluation time was always a stressful time of the school year.  It was tough to put things into a fair perspective.  At times, I was troubled by the fact that a judgement could be made regarding professional practices based on a few visits throughout the year.  But really, do you know who my toughest critic has been? MYSELF (not the evaluator).  Funny, but I have to tell you, I have come to realize that I was pretty good at beating myself up. 

As of late, I have dropped the title of critic.  Now, I am my best advocate.  By creating and re-creating, I have built something special to share with all my students.  One simple question carries the day when reflecting upon my efforts as a teacher:  if my own children were in my class, would I be pleased with my efforts?  The answer has always been "YES" and that is what I rally around:-)

Have a great week!


P.S.  Assessments dropped back to 25% of state (MI) evaluations.  It was scheduled to go up to 45% this year.  Thanks MEA:-) 

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